Hydro Vac Excavation is a non-destructive digging and a safe way to locate pipes and cables underground!

Vacuum Excavation is performed by using a high pressure water hose along with a high pressure suction hose.

This allows us to dig safely without disrupting any utilities like power, gas or water.

Avoid hitting underground power by using our location services, we can either dig around them or simply dig enough to locate them, enabling the customer to then be able to use machinery to dig further.

We are fully insured and EPA approved. We dispose of waste according to guidelines so as to stay environmentally friendly.

We provide free quotes, friendly advice, reliable swift service and affordable prices.

We also provide an emergency service for unfortunate mishaps!

Family owned business for over 40 years.

Contact our experts today for information and quotes about our
Advanced SuckHole Hydro Vac Excavation services!