Our expert operators locate and pump out your septic tank!

Motion Mover’s highly trained workers thoroughly clean your septic tank by extracting scum, materials and sludge while performing safe pumping procedures.

Further inspections are carried out by our technicians and action is taken to remove any odors, cure pollutants and repair damages before all access ports/covers are checked, letting you know whether or not further assistance is needed with a plumber.

Using a combination of tools and vacuum lines connected to an operating pumper truck, Motion Mover operators break up any scum and remove the sludge with pumping hoses. An inspection of the septic tank is carried out to check for seepages, blocks and clogging before measurements are taken to assess the state of the interior of the tank.

The tank is then prepared to be professionally cleaned.

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Having a Motion Mover technician pump out your septic tank prevents incorrect pumping/cleaning, destroyed absorption trenches, damaged baffle and inspection ports,  back-flow, seepage, water logging, clogging and ensures proper drainage while you stay clean and worry free.

Feel safe knowing your tank has been cleaned by the best!!